My Favorite Watering Hole

Buza, one of the most requested tourist traps in Dubrovnik, used to be a hidden gem known only to the locals.

My discovery experience was delightful. Taking a stroll along the top of the city wall, Ivo stopped me and told me to look over the wall. As I peered down to rocks outside the city wall I received a magical gift: my special spot to enjoy our glorious sunsets. An enterprising young man had a vision and turned his dream into Buza Bar.

It became my mission to learn the way to the secret entrance to this magical place. We quickly climbed down from the wall. Ivo guided me to the steps next to our Cathedral and we walked a few minutes to the simple ‘COLD DRINKS’ sign, squeezed through a hole in the city wall and there I was! I froze in place, marveled at the first sight of Buza and the spectacular view.

In those early days, prior to the arrival of the behemoth of tourists, we easily found the primo table. A very handsome* waiter came over, took our order and quickly returned with a local beer for Ivo, a glass of Dalmatian red wine for me. We were able to spend a few hours, enjoying the view quietly savoring the tranquility of our sea.

Buza is also the perfect jumping off spot for our young adventurous locals. It was an amazing and thrilling experience for me, albeit vicariously. Ivo and I held our breaths as we watched as the jumper went off the high rock, hit the water and swim back to scamper back up and do it again and again. Oh how I miss my youth!

Jumping into our sea…

Perhaps now it is time for us to relax, reflect and look forward to a new journey of reconnecting with friends and those we cherish dearly. It is again time to slow down and smell the roses…

*Our handsome Dalmatian men post next