Hot August Nights

Sitting at my desk and occasionally glancing out my newly washed window I marvel at my views.  A very large rosemary plant next to a magnificent lavender plant outline the sight of our radiant blue Adriatic Sea.  Today the sea appears as various shades of blue glass, calm and nothing moving except occasionally a few yachts cruising into Dubrovnik old port.  Sipping my morning espresso, I notice the Seabourn Odyssey cruise just beyond Mrkan island on her voyage to our Gruz harbor. It will be extremely crowded in old town today.  August is the tourism high season for most of Europe; Croatia is no exception. Despite the oppressive heat, their vacations are planned and so, they come.  

Seabourn Odyssey

The last few weeks the heat and humidity were beyond unbearable. The Dubrovnik Times stated July and early August are the hottest in the past 100 years.  I totally agree, although I cannot substantiate 100 years of temperatures, but it is also my observation for the eleven years that I choose to retire here.   Needless to mention my air conditioning has been running nonstop and walking Abby dog only happens at 0530 before the sun bakes the walkway which certainly would burn her tender pads.  This evening, the searing hot sun has begun turning into a golden sunset and the horizon is changing to shades of coral. The wind rises gently, and I hear my bronze wind chimes begin to sing every so quietly.  Ah, perhaps a cool sea breeze has begun to materialize, and I am in hopes it is indicative of a cooler night and being able to rest comfortably once again.  


My television is set to our local webcam displaying our timeless limestone promenade, the Stradun, in Dubrovnik. It is my only source now for music and intermittently plays some American oldies mixed in with Croatia music.  Early mornings I notice small groups of young adults returning home from their all-night dancing at Club Revelin. A few of our local old town cats wander around and soon the giant road washing machine rumbles in and begins the washing of the Stradun and the cats scatter to the small side streets.  As daylight begins to glisten above the red clay roof tops, a few small trucks begin their early morning deliveries to the local shops. The outdoor cafes begin to stir, opening the giant shade umbrellas and chairs begin to appear and the old town has begun its awaking for another day of guests seeking an espresso before the massive crowds arrive.  

Today one of the magnificent yachts dropped anchor just below my terrace.  I watched as guests were served breakfast on the aft deck. Later in the day, some of them were swimming off the platform, enjoy our warm sea and returned to the deck to sip Champagne while sunning and enjoying the built in Jacuzzi.  Often one of the yachts is docked at our Cavtat Riva, amazing to wander past and check out the occupants. It was two years ago while I was strolled a magnificent yacht I glanced up and to my amazement and joy I was looking at Tina Turner as she was listening to music and enjoying the night air. Last month, Jon Bon Jovi was here with his family; I’m very disappointed I missed seeing him as they boarded their yacht in Cavtat.  Both talented musicians are at the very top of my loved vocalists of all time. And just a few days ago, Bill Gates and his family were sighted docked at Korcula Bay on their third or fourth visit to our beautiful Dalmatian coast. 

Private yacht


The rich, the famous but mostly not so famous guests spending their holidays in my beloved retirement home.  My paradise, my Shangri La: my forever home is far more than I ever dreamed.  

Cavtat Riva