Daylight Saving…Prosek…Poseijden

As in the United States, Europe plays with the clock also and has moved to daylight savings time last night. While I love the longer daylight in the evening, it will take my body a week or so to assimilate. Since this semi-annual clock adjustment has affected me my entire life, it cannot be attributed to my age. According to my ticking clock it is 0500, but indeed my body knows it is only 0400, big sigh.

My desk is situated in front of a window to maximize my view the vibrant blue of our Adriatic sea. However, it is pitch black outdoors, I only see the bright sparkling lights of a behemoth cruise ship slowly heading toward our Gruz harbor. So, rather than watching the sun rise, I wait patiently for the dawn of another glorious day. However, I believe we should stop this madness and remain on one time for the entire year.Ship horizon

We’re on the cusp: high season is about to begin again. For now, it’s idyllic spring weather with daytime temperatures hovering at 20C (68F). Warm bulky winter clothing has been cleaned and stored in the back of the armoire. For the cooler evenings, I prefer to wear a soft pashmina shawl as I stroll down the road to the Cavtat Riva.

Many evenings are indeed extraordinary as I savour the dramatic golden sunsets, imbibing one of our award-winning Dalmatian red wines at my favorite watering hole, the Poseijdon Cafe. My special reserved table, shaded by the branches of a magnificent pine tree, is positioned above the sea and perfect for photos and people watching.


Finally, after 10 years living in Croatia, I have been accepted as a local, no longer an Amerikanac (American lady) and people now address me as Karolina. It has been an honor to be recognized into this very traditional country as a local and I celebrate my newly acquired Croatian citizenship with a glass of sweet Dalmatian Prosek (pro-shek), a sweet dessert wine, high in alcohol and rich in dried fruits, sugary and nutty aromas. I now retain dual citizenship with Croatia and America, my vote still counts in both countries.

Croatian Porsek

The Poseijdon will reopen from its winter hibernation on 10 April and I await the day eagerly. High season is on our horizon, long summer evenings, swimming in the radiant Adriatic Sea, devouring local fresh seafood and so many other indulgences of my retirement in Cavtat, my forever home.