Photography Assignment: Dubrovnik Part 1

So many people come to this beautiful city of Dubrovnik and only spend a few hours off their cruise ship in the crowds and heat of summer. It is with joy I share this blog written by History Hiker who “GOT IT”. He understood he needed to do something unusual to really SEE what makes Dubrovnik the Jewel of the Adriatic.

History Hiker

Visiting Dubrovnik, Croatia during the summer months is not pleasant for the experienced nomad.  The city is crowded, the heat is unbearable, and the prices are high.  However, the city provides so much in return that the crowds, the heat, and the prices can easily be forgotten.  There is a reason why Dubrovnik is called “The Pearl of the Adriatic.”  After a few minutes of walking around this beautiful city, you will soon realize that you are in a very special place.

I was thrilled when I arrived in Dubrovnik from Tivat via bus.  I had previously been to Trigor and Zagreb, Croatia, but I had never been to Dubrovnik.  When I arrived in the city, I was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of people in the streets.  The city was at full capacity and I could hardly walk 5 feet without bumping into someone.  Despite the crowds, I was…

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6 thoughts on “Photography Assignment: Dubrovnik Part 1

  1. Great find…..the idea of travelling the world exploring is highly appealing.

  2. Amazing …The city looks so different and so calm. So very opposite of what it is in the day.
    I miss it sooo much.

  3. Great idea, getting up so early. It’s really the best part of the day. Beautiful photos.

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