7 thoughts on “Saturday Morning on the Cavtat Riva

  1. Ooooh, I remember our visit there and the HUMONGOUS yachts…/this is the POSH place to be!!!!

    • Oh yes this is the very posh town to dock your yacht. There are many arriving and departing often. Sitting on my terrace I often see them passing on their way to Cavtat or Dubrovnik.

  2. Those are beauties. I like looking at the fish attracted by their hull lights in the evening.
    I wonder who owned the humongous 5 story yacht in Tiha Bay last year, complete with helicopter and water slide? Must have his own small country somewhere.

  3. Husband and I were staying in Lapad recently, we loved every minute of our time there. We rarely say we will visit a place twice but are tempted to go back next year, it is a beautiful area to visit; I can see why you choose to live there.

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