15 thoughts on “Photo of the day: Cavtat

  1. I remember our stroll around the peninsula, seeing people enjoying the water and then coming back into the area where houses were. It’s an easy walk and has nice things to see.

    • Just had to post a photo of the peninsula, trying to remember what it looks like when the sun is shinning. Still raining and more to come.

  2. Don’t worry, the rain will become another crop of those delicious figs when the sun comes out, and come out it will. Can’t wait to get back this September.

    • This year has been so wet my feet have become webbed. We still waiting for the sun to come out, am not sure if there still is sun.

      • No way could a great photo like this be taken from the road above. He had a much better camera than mine and did many shots. We knew this was the one, it is fantastic!

        • Sorry, I stand corrected.
          But I think you’re wrong about it being impossible, if not from up on the hill, then somewhere on the cliff path. Bet you five kuna I can get a comparable one with my feet planted firmly on the ground later this year?

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