The Dominican Monastery

A few steps from the clock tower arch is our most treasured Monastery, which is my favorite area for peace and quiet. During the long hot summer days, I often can be found in the cloisters of the Dominican Monastery.  A true hidden gem which is often missed by travelers who never venture off the Stradun, it’s hardly ever crowded; a perfect place to sit among the fragrant lemon trees nestled among the blooming bougainvillea.

Dominican Monastery within the city wall

Dominican Monastery within the city wall

The Dominicans established the monastery in 1225 and the existing structure was completed in the 14th Century.  The strategic site was a sensitive position for the defense of the town and the entire complex was encompassed within the city wall, protected by Fort Revelin.  The grand stairway with its stone balustrades were filled with mortar by the monks to avoid viewing the ankles of the town’s ladies.  The southern entrance steps were recently replaced with a circular layout conforming to the original 14th Century design.

Dominican steps

The cloisters were completed in the 15th Century. The middle of the courtyard is our richly decorated stone cistern, surrounded by lush vegetation providing a refreshing feeling much like a summer breeze.  The old stone well is still in use today. During the 1991 Homeland War it was the only source of clean water for the town locals.

Center courtyard with stone cistern

Center courtyard with stone cistern

The interior is of simple architectural design. The high outer walls, bare of ornaments, are rich in stone furniture.  The most impressive piece, a work of Paolo Veneziano from the 14th Century, is the large golden crucifix in the central arch above the main altar.  The original wooden beam ceiling, destroyed during the Homeland War, has been replaced with the same style as was the magnificent stain glass window.

Main altar

Main altar

Golden cross above the altar

Golden cross above the altar


Stain glass window

Stain glass window

During our summer festival the monastery is often the venue for concerts. Guests enjoy an unforgettable experience with the exceptional acoustics and ambiance of this magnificent church.



17 thoughts on “The Dominican Monastery

    • If I lived nearby, I’m sure I would take advantage of the shade and the cool breeze to gather my thoughts and to think in the serenity of this beautiful place.

      There isn’t anything like it anywhere near where I live, that I know of.

  1. DubrovnikLady, you make me think,,,, memories memories, those beautiful trams and all those pictures of the city are fantastic, and when I thought I have seen every corner of Dubrovnik, every nuke and cranny, I realise now how much more there is to be discovered… thanks for posting those pictures

    • Thank you Roko, I am very pleased that my stories and photos brought back your very special memories.

  2. What a beautiful post. I spent a day in Dubrovnik a few years ago. As you said in your post, most people miss this treasured gem. My memories of Dubrovnik are the beautiful architecture and then a very elegant late lunch in a quaint restaurant. And of course the sea.
    Thanks for these lovely photos. How wonderful it must be to attend a concert in this monastery.

    • Thank you for reading my stories, they are all written as a labor of love for Dubrovnik. Perhaps you may want to return to this area again, there is so much more to discover in our small country.

  3. Wonderful Monastery, I love the old buildings and the history of such wonderful places. When ever I go abroad I always love to visit the church’s and see the magnificence of their interiors.. These have been so well preserved through the years..
    Blessings for sharing.. I came via Ina’s reblog..

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