Dubrovnik Walking Tour

There are two kinds of people who take a trip: tourists who want to see all the sites on a list and travelers who want to understand the culture. Which are you?

Large group tours

Large group tours

When planning a holiday, intelligent travelers aspire to appreciate the culture and traditions during their visit. My walking tour is designed to help discerning guests experience more than just photographing the typical tourist sites.  If you have the desire to experience both the spectacular and the hidden gems, come spend time with me to capture the spirit of life and culture in Dubrovnik.

This means we need to share some information when you first contact me.  You tell me what you enjoy when you travel and I make the arrangements to plan your time with me to enrich your experience with those highlights which will be most meaningful to you. What was your last memorable travel experience, and which site do you remember vividly?  And truthfully, if you can’t share this kind of meaningful travel experiences, you most likely don’t need the level of service I offer.

I encourage you to research if you desire and share with me so I can evaluate whatever you may find, but your time is valuable and I want to ensure you will get the most out of your vacation by saving time and frustration.  After a certain amount of time, all the information on the Internet seems the same and tour descriptions are similar and do not explain the sense of wonder a specialized tour provides. My tours are limited to a maximum of six guests which permits me to interact with all participants.

You may find a less expensive tour but you will not experience a tour with better consideration of your desires while explaining what is hidden beyond the view of many.  There will be no difficulties in understanding my language; as an American with Croatian heritage I speak English in an accent that you understand.

Anyone can make arrangements to take a trip, but I encourage you to truly experience Dubrovnik, which in itself is a work of art.  .

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  1. I suppose most people who travel grab the best price they can find and figure whatever they do is more than what they would see or do at home. I know I can not afford to spend extra in all the places I visit but I always wait to take a trip until I have enough money saved for some of those special things that make a trip really memorable. Getting out with someone who lives in the area and have a backstreet tour has ALWAYS been worth the money.

  2. Aloha!

    Holy crap!  This time has gone by WAY TOO fast!!  It’s already Saturday night, and I have the day off tomorrow, Monday a few appointments- and my last full day!

    I only just got a chance tonight to really read this post… ANY chance this has anything to do with Sandra and Randy?  The timing seems too obvious- have you heard from him?

    I have once again had an amazing trip… hate that it’s almost over, and I have a very LONG summer ahead of me!  I returned to Molokai today- very good, but also very sad.

    Hoping to talk with you later… HUGS!

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