Croatian Coffee Culture

I love coffee!  The aroma wafting through the kitchen as I brew my morning cup is amazing.  I do not prepare anemic drip coffee, which is not even marketed here, but a modified type of robust Turkish coffee.  My niece Paula describes it as ‘rocket fuel’ and it is far stronger than the standard American brew.  My morning ritual begins as I leisurely sip my coffee while reading emails.  A wonderful part of my day, morning coffee and reading news from friends and family in the states.

Morning espresso

Morning espresso

I believe my love of coffee is one of the reasons I have adapted so easily to the Croatian coffee culture.  It is a fundamental social activity, often enjoyed best with friends and family but any acquaintance can fill in the gap.   All important life experiences are deliberated over a cup of coffee: falling in love, marriage, divorce, deals made, being hired and fired, favors requested – basically every decision can and is made over a cup of coffee.

Croatian demitasse espresso

Croatian demitasse espresso

Our Croatian coffee culture is completely different than in the United States; here it is a social activity.  In the United States it is about enormous paper cups, jumping into a car and driving to work.  Here we sit and sip from ceramic cups with saucers and always a glass of water, a very small demitasse can last for hours and hours. The preparation and flavor is pure magic in the hands of Croatians. There is never a rush to clear the table and waiters will only come when beckoned, perhaps for another order.  Our typical cafes are filled with people sitting together, sharing and talking, not glued to their iPhone sending messages.

American coffee cafe

American coffee cafe

During the wet cold winter months when the weather is challenging I can fight the winter gloom easily.  Knowing my friends will be there, I feel the pull of our warm, toasty café.  Despite having to wade through the rain, I eagerly head out the door to make my way down to my favorite waterfront café.  Cherishing my ritual, spending hours enjoying a small espresso with friends, is a priceless experience of life here.

Cafe Festival, amazing coffee choices

Cafe Festival, amazing coffee choices

When you visit Dubrovnik take the time to enjoy our coffee culture and savor the experience. Do not be concerned if you are not a coffee aficionado. You may cherish your beverage of choice be it tea, soft drink, mineral water or perhaps a glass of our Dalmatian wine.  The ideal end of a perfect day enjoying Dubrovnik culture should be spent sipping espresso and partaking in a slice of krempita at the Gradska kavana, one of my favorite spots in Dubrovnik.



“Idemo na kavu” join me for coffee, relax, spend quality time and learn more about our culture.




16 thoughts on “Croatian Coffee Culture

  1. You are a natural at presenting all the puzzle parts that make your city such a popular travel destination
    Keep up the good work

    • Thank you Stan, I am still waiting for you to visit my special home.

    • Aunt Carol, I called your coffee battery acid, in my opinion is a better description of the flavor.

      • Yes I do remember but felt it was a bit strong, so rocket fuel sounds so much nicer.

  2. I remember sitting with you sipping our coffee watching the green market set up and the characters make their daily appearance….what a nice way to start the day

    • Early morning shopping at the green market, then off to enjoy a coffee. Best part is enjoying the locals as they come to the market.

  3. I crave that lifestyle! Dealing with the endless ‘rush’ everyday of my life has become too much! Though my life in Switzerland was very long ago~ every time I read one of your posts I remember. Miss you!

    • Life is slow and easy for me now. Best time to come and visit would be early October. Been waiting now for 6 years waiting for you to arrive to enjoy a early morning coffee at one of our local cafes.

    • Yes it is absolutely the best way to begin a day. I am still waiting for the sun to appear here, rain again today.

  4. I’m on my way! The krempita did it for me. Looks heavenly, especially with coffee! Thanks, hope all is well with you.

  5. Thank you so much for alerting me to this post! It is truly wonderful in every sense; you described the spirit of ‘idemo na kavu’ perfectly! How I long to be there … krempite i kava i prijatelji -:)!

    Take Care as I will call on you for sure!


    • I will be here waiting for us to spend quality time over our kava.

  6. The Krempita looks similar to cheesecake, does it taste like it. I found Turkish coffee either to sweet or to bitter what is the best way to order it? Maybe the Croatian have mastered the art and get it just right! June

    • Krempita tastes nothing like cheesecake nor does it have the same texture, it is similar to a custard. Our coffee is not Turkish and so much better.

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