7 thoughts on “Cavtat Riva

    • Not very much has changed here, perhaps a restaurant or two have new names or a few different shops. However the Riva is much as it has been for many, many years. It is still a serene spot to watch the beauty of the Cavtat Bay.

    • We saw the sun today and I am hoping it is a sign that warmer sunny days will be here shortly. It has been a wet and windy winter and I am so looking forward to a warm spring with the flowers blooming with their fragrances wafting around us.

    • It is a lovely place to sit for a morning coffee or glass of wine at night. I invite you to join me this year, the country desperately needs you.

      • What a great thing that would be – next year for sure but this summer my daughter will actually be passing through Dubrovnik in her travels around there so a piece of me will be there too 🙂

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