Dubrovnik Tram – The Early Years

When I visited Dubrovnik in the seventies I often used the local bus service.  At that time buses resembled the old tram which ran in the early days. On 10 December 1910 the first tram began service from the Pile Brsalje to the Gruz, later extending the line to the original Dubrovnik rail station and a second line was added to provide service to Lapad. During six decades of existence the tram carried about one hundred million passengers and was retired 20 March 1970.  The following morning locals took the opportunity to ride the original route from Pile to Gruz for free.  That afternoon the cars were parked at the depot, the gate was locked and it was the finale of the Dubrovnik tram service, replaced by newer buses.

Tram at Pile Braslje

Tram at Pile Brsalje

During my frequent trips to Dubrovnik I often used public transportation which was and still is easy and inexpensive.  As a senior I am entitled to a free Libertas bus pass within the immediate areas of Dubrovnik. I really appreciate that courtesy because it comes in handy to move around the town with ease.  When I returned here six years ago to live, I enjoyed hopping on one of our orange and white buses and riding the entire route.  These bus trips gave me the opportunity to see just how much had changed since my last trip prior to the 1991 Homeland War.

Tram 7 entering Lapad

Tram 7 entering Lapad

Today the Libertas bus service is excellent and covers the Dubrovnik area with many routes.  During the summer months they add the Cabrio sightseeing bus with audio in 10 languages available.  An open air bus similar to the early trams, the Cabrio runs from the beginning of May to the end of October and service is subject to weather conditions.  I always begin the season by taking the two hour tour and each trip is a learning experience picking up interesting facts about Dubrovnik.  Please note that Cabrio sightseeing bus is NOT a hop on hop off bus.  It does make two photo stops in route, one at the Tudjman Bridge and another at Vidikovac on the highway above the old town.  This season the fare is 60 Kuna (about $12) and a great value for the price.

Cabrio Sightseeing Bus

Cabrio Sightseeing Bus

The original number seven tram, which has been totally renovated, is on display at the Zagreb Technical Museum.

Dubrovnik Tram 7

Dubrovnik Tram 7

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