9 thoughts on “Vintage Dubrovnik

  1. Wow, that’s a really romantic picture – love the ambiance, I guess today the Stradun is packet with little chance of strolling along and only meeting a handful of people 😀

    • Thank you Ina. Come here during winter and we can stroll the Stradun together, very few people and it is the same as it was many years ago.

  2. What caught my eye was the difference in the pavement. The way the center is different reminded me that you once told me there was a water channel there. Do you know when the current stones were placed?

    • The present look of the limestone, polished by use, was put down after the 1667 earthquake. Originally the Stradun was paved in 1468.

  3. This is such a fantastic photo. I’d recently seen another vintage photo of another area of Dubrovnik and wondered what the Stradun would have been like & now I know!

    • The Stradun has changed many times over the years. At one time it was water and was filled in and became the main promenade. During the winter months it is my favorite part of the old town. Next visit I make to Orebic, I will contact you and we can meet for a ‘kava.’

  4. Stumbled across you in search of history of Debrovnik and Bozanka (My grandmothers name) for the book I’m writing. Would love to communicate. My heart longs to visit this beautiful place.

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