The Land of 1000 Islands

A few months before moving to Dubrovnik, I requested information from the Croatian Tourist Bureau to reacquaint myself with my adopted country.  One brochure captivated me with its impressive photographs and well written words.  I have long lost my copy, and the author remains unknown, but I want to share the words I remember…



“There are more than eighteen hundred islands scattered along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, each unique, the vast majority uninhabited. Each has its own exceptional story and place in history. Battles were waged for them. Great rulers surrendered to them. Powerful rulers were seduced by them. They have left poets speechless and artists thrilled. You too, will be stunned by their beauty, intoxicated by their tranquility and left longing to return over and over again.



Those who are used to saying good-bye truly rejoice in the arrival of a friend. Whatever you expect on your arrival, you will be unprepared for the warmth of the welcome in Croatia. Whatever you expect from a holiday, you will be unable to forget Croatia. Whether you sail, swim, walk, ride or simply observe, you will do them differently in Croatia
For those who love exploring monuments, wandering on solitary beaches, or gather in the middle of the liveliness of an Adriatic town, then Croatia will delight you. It is a land of discoveries, pristine nature, or a brilliant new dawn and a lifestyle so often imagined, so rarely attained. Here the tensions of life seem to fade into insignificance. As you watch the setting sun cast a shadow across the beach toward the sea, you will look towards the coastline and wish for nowhere else.



The first journey to Croatia is always an adventure, a trip into the unknown. Subsequently, familiarity refines the hidden depths of beauty, personal recognition enhances sights and sounds. Like good wine, true fulfillment comes only after anticipation, cultivation and dedication. You will know when you feel it. It is like an emotional longing, which has suddenly been satisfied.”

8 thoughts on “The Land of 1000 Islands

    • I have only been waiting for you to visit for 6 years. Airfare will be high, even in the fall time period unless you drop 5 Hawaii trips.

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