With a little help from new friends

There were many who did not believe an American city girl would be able to last, living in Dubrovnik beyond a few years.  Perhaps there is a bit of truth in that sentiment because I no longer live in Dubrovnik but in the quaint town of Cavtat, a short twenty-minute drive south.  Next week will mark my sixth year of retirement here and it is now very apparent my move was permanent.

Cavtat Riva at dusk

Cavtat Riva at dusk

One might say that I was a bit naive upon arrival, confident that I would easily fit in quickly.  There were trials and tribulations along my path, mostly overcome with help from new friends.

My very first apartment was small studio on the third floor of a home on a very busy road. I lovely referred to the hovel as the “Penthouse”; after all it was the top floor of a three-story home with a superb sea view.  Most of my free time was spent sitting out on the itsy bitsy terrace gazing at the iridescent colors of the Adriatic.  It was at the penthouse I learned how Europeans count floors with the first main level being ground, second is called “first” and my penthouse was on the third level but called “second.”

Terrace view from the penthouse

Terrace view from the penthouse

After the first big rainstorm I took my first big tumble and learned that all my boots, shoes and sandals must have radial tires on the bottoms.  The Stradun, the main promenade, is sandstone which over hundreds of years has become shiny and slippery when wet as oil on glass.

Spring time arrived and I was awestruck with the many wildflowers which popped up around the town.  One of my favorite views was from my green park bench in Boninova overlooking the sea.  I saw bright red poppies and blue-green irises midst the yellow crocuses scattered over the hillside reaching down to the luminous blue waters of our sea.

Ivo and Abby on our favorite park bench

Ivo and Abby on our favorite park bench

I love hats!  All styles of hats, wide-brimmed, straw fedora and during our hot sunny summers I always wear something unique.  This year my chapeau acquired a name – the Al Capone hat. My new collection is handmade by Marija, a young woman who continues the tradition of hand-woven hats in her great-grandfather’s shop dating back to 1858.  Back in California there is a vintage lady’s traveling hatbox storing the mauve feather hat my mother wore as we boarded Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth for my first transatlantic crossing in 1954.  And now I wish I had kept some of the many hats from my past.

Morning coffee at the Cavtat Riva wearing the Al Capone hat

Morning coffee at the Cavtat Riva wearing the Al Capone hat

The past six years have been a learning experience, a new way of life living the traditions and history dating back hundreds of years. But most of all, special friends enrich my journey as it continues onward into the New Year.

Header photo is “Dubrovnik 1896”

16 thoughts on “With a little help from new friends

  1. What a great review not only of things you have learned in the past 6 years but a tribute to many things in your past and how you appreciate where you are now! Happy New Year and happy anniversary!

    • Thank you for the lovely comment but also all the assistance you provide from across the pond. Home is where the heart is and my heart is full living in Cavtat.

    • Thank you for your greeting. I do certainly hope this year is the beginning of a new and prosperous year!

  2. Happy New Year to you Carol. Just thought I’d drop a line to let you know I do so enjoy you sharing all of your adventures, stories & photos. All is well enough here in good ‘ol El Dorado County. Fondly, Carole

    • Thank you Carole, I think of you often and wonder if you still enjoy reading about my adventures. I can say easily that I do not miss El Dorado County at all. The sea and clean air here is intoxicating and so healthy. Stay well old friend and now I miss you.

    • Thank you. The new header is Dubrovnik 1896, same year that my father was born.

  3. Hats off to you for embarking on an unconventional retirement! I visited Cavtat in 2012 and thought it was so charming. I look forward to more of your posts from there.

  4. Yes a stunning hat. Just what is required during those hot sunny days in Cavtat. It is our favorite place but unfortunately we could not get into our hotel choice + so headed to Dubrovnik to stay
    Many thanks for all the great info Carol, a real expert on Croatia. Hope to meet next May or Sep

  5. I’m so very far behind in reading your post, but I absolutely each and every one of them. I find myself green with envy when I read one such as this.

    This past year Gina lost her Dad and I lost the love of my life in Dec.

    It has been a struggle to make each day count. But I keep plugging away one day at a time. Hoping that one day I’ll get it figured out. Hope your end of the world is as beautiful and carefree as you make it sound!

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