Sunday Lunch

A spectacular display happens every day at noon in Gundulic Square to the delight of the children.  Any tourist who happens to be in the area just behind the green market gets quite a surprise and delightful photo opportunity. That is the time of day that a bucket of corn is scattered and a large flock of pigeons swoop down for the treat.

There was a bit of a snafu last Sunday, as our clocks were adjusted back one hour Saturday night. The pigeons, accustom to the regular daily treat, gathered on the rooftops. They waited a while, but many flew away, probably in disappointment. Only a few lingered and finally, as the clock tower bells began to sing at noon, the rest returned in eager anticipation for the daily indulgence.

I know the time change always takes my body about a week to adjust; I bet the pigeons will figure it out faster!



6 thoughts on “Sunday Lunch

  1. Glad they returned for their lunch! I used to watch them at noon at the green market in Dubrovnik. Does this still happen?

  2. Our dogs demand to be fed according to their clocks, not daylight savings time. 😉 I didn’t know about the pigeon feeding! Guess I need to return to Dubrovnik… 😉 Glad you’re back online.

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