Povitica (Croatian Walnut Roll with Stretched Dough)

Wow, I just may try to make this someday.

the domesticated feminist


If you haven’t already noticed by now, Croats have a rather unconcealed obsession with walnuts– particularly in the realm of desserts. Whether they be sprinkled onto the top of a cake for a decorative and tasty effect, or given the spotlight as the predominant ingredient, they are about as essential to Croatian pastries as tomatoes are to Italian entrées. That being said, although this post may feel like déjà vu to the orehnjača post, I assure you that this is indeed another cake–at least another variation. After all, there are only so many things one can make out of dough and walnuts 🙂

Truth be told, I hadn’t heard of this cake until recently. Being a food blogger (as much as I attempt to avoid that title), I do my best to keep up with new recipes posted by other food bloggers. On a few different occasions, this recipe caught my…

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4 thoughts on “Povitica (Croatian Walnut Roll with Stretched Dough)

  1. Hi , I’ve been trying to locate this recipe, can’t seem to find it. Would you see if you can locate it and print it for me or inform me how to find it. Thanks , luv,Mom

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