Interesting Facts

In 1272 Dubrovnik was its own small republic, following Roman laws and local customs, including town planning.  The Republic was very inventive regarding laws and institutions which were developed.  It was also one of the first republics to recognize American independence.

1301 – Medical services introduced

1317 – Franciscan Monks opened a pharmacy (working today)

1347 – Refuge for the elderly began

1377 – The first quarantine facility opened (Lazareti)

1418 – Slave trading was abolished

1432 – Saint Claire Convent opened the first orphanage

1436 – A water supply was constructed (Onofrio fountain still working)

Dubrovnik prior to 1667 earthquake

Dubrovnik prior to 1667 earthquake

4 thoughts on “Interesting Facts

  1. Can’t wait to visit again! One can be overwhelmed by how beautiful Dubrovnik is, and forget how they helped lead the rest of Europe out of the Dark Ages.

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