Photo of the day: Scorpion

Our Adriatic sea has an abundance of fresh fish, many of them so tasty.  However without a doubt my favorite is the scorpion or as it is called here skorpion.  It is a handful to clean but the taste of the delicate white meat is worth the effort.  If you are visiting Dubrovnik and the fish is offered, please do not hesitate.

Scorpion fish

Scorpion fish

Photo credit:  Milan Kovac

8 thoughts on “Photo of the day: Scorpion

  1. what an ugly beast!! never tried it, I take your word for it!

    • It may be an ugly beast, but the taste is heavenly. Try it once and you will become a fan.

    • The cleaning is the most difficult part as it has many sticky needles all over the body. I prefer to grill the fish over a low flame, add some chopped garlic and olive oil and it is lunch fit for a queen.

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