My ongoing battle with facebook

I don’t like Facebook. I’m just one of the other part of the population who sees little value in spending time there reading about someone’s dinner plans or television viewing. However, since I understood that half of the people enjoy Facebook, it seemed reasonable to try.

I had hopes that it would bring new subscribers to read and hopefully enjoy my blog, Essence of Dubrovnik.  After a few months I noticed my FB friends were many of my original subscribers, thus defeating my original intent.

Meanwhile, my old laptop had begun to show signs  many elderly people do, moving slower and slower.  It was time to clear out history and with one mighty all too confident hit on the enter button I wiped out the FB cookie.  No problem, they told me they could forward a new “secret” code to my mobile phone and I could be back among the chit chat.

When I registered with FB originally, I had given my local cell phone number for contact.  But reception in my new apartment was poor and after several months of haggling with the cell provider, I paid them off and closed my account.  Of course that meant FB was unable to resend me the “secret” code to reopen my account.  I was ready to close the &^$# account by then but still needed the code to do so!

Finally, after way too many months of perseverance on my part, a real person from FB contacted me via email.  They offered to issue me a new code to reopen my account if I would they provide proof of identity with a government issued identification, either my driver’s license and/or a copy of my current passport!

Now for those of you who try to contact me via FB, sorry I am unable to respond.  You can contact me via email or skype, but do keep in mind of the nine hour difference between my home and the west coast.

Would you be willing to fax your passport information to FB?

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13 thoughts on “My ongoing battle with facebook

  1. Yes I know, it has always been a problem for many. I just call them the way I see it! But again, I ask would you fax your passport?

  2. No, I would NOT, and I would be extremely suspicious of them for asking for it! I share your frustration with social media. I hardly engage in any of it, and I’m still sick of it anyway.
    Good luck!

  3. I love facebook ..why because Ive discovered so many travel sites and blogs to read..dont care less about peoples day to day trivial things. It is good to keep in touch with family tho that dont live near…enjoy your son is returning to your wonderful area in June..cheers from Down Under

    • I understand completely many people enjoy FB, but it is not for me. However I ask my question again, would you fax your passport data to them?

  4. “”I don’t like Facebook. I’m just one of the other part of the population who sees little value in spending time there reading about someone’s dinner plans or television viewing””
    I am the same!!!!! I only use facebook to promote our Blog. Would not send them my passport or any documents!

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