An old olive tree

During my many years of traveling I have had my hair cut in many places including Paris, Beverly Hills, Sydney, New York and several renowned establishments in Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Is it possible that I found the very best stylist in Dubrovnik?  Believe it or not, the simple answer is yes!

After shopping at the Green Market for fresh harvested vegetables and fruit, I was waiting for the bus with other ladies and their bags full of goodies. Looking around I noticed a sign for a beauty center on a nearby building.  The glass caught my eye but what made a huge impression was the old olive tree on a third level outdoor terrace.  I had to investigate who would have an olive tree growing there. I found out it was the Srsen Beauty Center, owned by Ivan and his lovely mother and located near our Gruz harbor on the top floor of Robna Kuca Minceta building.



It was more than three years ago that I made that first appointment, wondering if I would find some one who would style my hair rather than just chop.  As I stepped off the elevator I was completely astonished when I stepped into a dramatic entrance made of glass and marble steps with a view of the harbor that took my breath away.  It took me a bit of time to remember that I was in Dubrovnik and not Beverly Hills; the decor of the salon was more than elegant.  “But,” I wondered, “Would I receive a hair style which would not disappoint me? Was this salon all flash and no substance?”

The salon

The salon

One of the ladies escorted me to sumptuous black leather sofa in front of the row of shampoo bowls.  As she draped me, another attendant came over and popped up the leg rest.  The essence of pure comfort embraced me as my hair was shampooed followed by a heavenly scalp massage.  My eyes closed as I drifted off to dream as the background music lulled me into total relaxation.  Gently, I was moved over to a stylist chair, looked into the mirror and marveled at the view reflected before me.  The entire salon is enclosed with glass affording a view of the entire Gruz harbor, mountains and the Tudjman Bridge.  And there on the terrace was the very old olive tree which had brought me to this incredible location.

Terrace view

Terrace view

My mind began to wander if anyone could possibly live up to my hope for a top-notch stylist as I heard a gentle male voice bid me Dobra Dan.  As I glanced upward to the voice, I was looking into the face of an Adonis, a handsome young man with a tender smile who continued the conversation in perfect English.  It was Ivan Srsen, the talented young man who has become my stylist and friend.  I had just found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Never once has Ivan asked me how I wanted my hair cut, he just began to create a style becoming to my features and age.  It was his dream from a very young age to become the best possible hair stylist and I can attest his dream has become reality.

It is with some reluctance that I share this short video of Ivan doing scissor hands as I see only my wrinkles and double chin and cringe, but focus on Ivan and watch as he does his magic.  And ladies, he is single!

Planning your magical romantic wedding in Dubrovnik?  The ladies at Srsen are experts at creating that very special hair style.  If the opportunity arises to visit our town, make an appointment for a day of pampering.  Email for an appointment and you will not be disappointed.

All photos used with permission from Srsen Beauty Center.

Video taken by my dear friend Beth.

10 thoughts on “An old olive tree

  1. I haven’t been to a hairdresser in over ten years – I cut my own hair – but if I weren’t on the other side of the world I’d be seriously tempted to pay a visit to this salon. A delightful post – thanks for sharing!

  2. I am honored that you have been reading my stories. Your posts often bring tears to my eyes as your writings show the world the truth of the 1991 homeland war.
    Hvala duso!

  3. Like you, I have enjoyed getting my hair cut in various cities around the world. Some have been fantastic experiences while others, I believe, used the opportunity to take out their negative feelings to Americans on me. My visit to this salon was one of the highlights and definteily a repeat visit would be on my agenda when I return again!

  4. Now my dear … well I will be honest here … now I am truly jealous! You know how much I love Dubrovnik and your blog brings me little bit of it every time you publish. So far all well and good! But now it is gone too far -:)! Not only that I am here at the bottom of the world, single and surrounded with quite probably, (even if gross generalization), most not-good-looking male population on God’s Earth, but you are showing me truly good-looking man from my own country where by the way most men (and women) are good looking! What is one to do? Does anyone need any workers over there in Dubrovnik? I will work (superb housekeeper, speak English, Italian and of course Croatian -:) for food, view over the sea, walk across town and to hear klape singing at sunset!

    • We certainly have our fair share of very attractive ladies and gentlemen here. Often I sit for hours at the Cavtat Riva, just for the views…many men in this town are stunningly gorgeous!

  5. I loved this posting- and- was very much looking forward to seeing Ivan in action! Sadly, I did not receive the video in my post? But the salon is amazing for sure- and those views!

    • You may have to do a reboot to your computer, see if that helps. The video is the best part, please ignore the wrinkles and double chin.

  6. Gee Carol that looks like a fantastic haircut! But I have never seen you with such short hair! The salon looks like one near Letitia’s place in Cabo… more later me, lizzie

    • The heat and humidity of our long hot summer pushed me into a short style. Need to keep it simple so that my Al Capone (another Ivoism) is the focus.

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