How I Spent My Summer – Part two

Cruise critic is a dedicated forum to cruisers where I respond to the people who post questions about Dubrovnik.  I have posted 1,262 answers and my “Dubrovnik Questions” now has 115,590 views; reading the entire post does require time.  Cruise critic does not allow advertising, and as a local resident I cannot recommend any specific shops, restaurants or private guides.  I do find their rule to be a bit amusing since those cruisers who have spent only a few hours in Dubrovnik can and do post specifics.  Only a rare few readers have figured out that I offer walking tours of Dubrovnik and contact me.

Some cruisers do not even take advantage of any of the shore excursions offered by the cruise line. There is a misconception by many they do not need a personal guide because they can use a guidebook and the old part of town is small.  When I later review the photos posted online by that kind of tourist I see the photos labeled “Dubrovnik” and can only wonder if they even learned any stories about what they have seen.

It is a special traveler who wants to understand the place they visit for a few hours. I shared with you my last post describing some of the people who visited this past summer and how their excitement to learn and experience was so enjoyable. I spend time before the visit chatting via email to determine areas of interest and can show people those places that will enrich their visit. How very different from a tour guide taking a group of 20 or more through the same sites.

Last night as I watched the sun as it disappeared into the horizon, the glow on the water was glistening, becoming almost mirror-like.  Dusk had begun and the scattered clouds were a montage of golden pink hues.  At that moment the silhouette of the QE2 appeared into view, ablaze with lights from stem to stern and I watched the magnificent ship glide past my home.  As I stood on the terrace, I waved a fond farewell to Mark and the gang who was my last walking tour of the season earlier that afternoon.  What a lovely ending to the season, spending time with a marvelous group of six adults as I shared stories of the spirit of Dubrovnik.  I hope this first group from the UK will return as land guests in the future.


Next summer…you may be the travelers with whom I share the Essence of Dubrovnik.

3 thoughts on “How I Spent My Summer – Part two

  1. The idea of a personal tour in every location visited on a cruise may be cost prohibitive to some people who have saved years for a “trip of a lifetime”. As a traveler who wants to KNOW the place I have been and not merely check off a list of places seen, I make sure I save enough money to do just that. If I have only 4-6 hours in a place I can surely spend that time with someone who lives there and has the in-depth knowledge of what makes that place special. I could, on the other hand, save some money and join a tour of 20-50 people, but I have learned that my questions can not be answered in that large of a group. A tour like that is only a bit of improvement over using a written tour guide to stand in front of a place and read facts. Tell me a story! Make a place come alive! Help me imagine life there! Only a small group personal guide can do that!

  2. I loved this two part blog- especially the second half! One day- I am determined to see your Dubrovnik!

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