11 thoughts on “Aerial View of Dubrovnik

  1. Nice view….can even seen the people at the Buza Bar!! And now that I can see how high those rocks are where the people were jumping into the sea, I KNOW they are nutso.

    • There is not enough money in Fort Knox for me to jump off that rock at Buza.

  2. Nice! J

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  3. Would love to visit, it’s just beautiful. Thank you for this wonderful blog; I look forward to your posts.

  4. I like the veiw very inspiring. We will be in Dubrovnik Oct. 16 on the Norwegian Jade would like
    to say hello if it is possible. Your posts are very helpful for my wife they give her ideas
    thank you.

  5. Great picture gives a different perspective to t he old town. It looks much smaller when viewed from the air.

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