14 thoughts on “Cavtat Riva

    • Not very difficult to photograph when every new corner has a view.

  1. Such a beautiful blog you have. Cavtat was as far as we ventured on our trip to Dubrovnik 20+ years ago. It looks to have changed a little, but still lovely.

    • Guess you now understand why I kept on babbling about Croatia for those many years!

  2. Uncle Stuart says “good for her” and does one of the boats belong to her? I’ve been trying to reach the great doubter Luke and see if I can forward the picture or give him the “address” he asked Stu about you today.

    • Feel free to let Luke know that his estimate of 2 years for me is now going into my 5th year here.

  3. OMG…It’s so beautiful! Maybe someday I can get away from Ione, CA…..yes it’s Eileen and I’m still here. You are living a dream 🙂 Liz forward this to me, so I could see what a beautiful place you live at. I will start saving my pennies!

    • Yes Eileen I am living a dream in my paradise. My only regret is that I did not make the move when I was much younger.

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