Dubrovnik Summer Festival 2012

The Dubrovnik Summer Festival, a rich program of classical music, theatre, opera and national dance will perform for the next 47 days in our many open-air venues throughout the old town.  The opening ceremony last night was a tribute to the history, culture and spirit of Dubrovnik.

However, it was the conclusion of last night’s events, which moved me to tears as the Libertas flag slowly ascended Orlando’s column in front of Sveti Vlaho Church.  This flag of freedom dates back to 1418 when the Dubrovnik Republic was one of the first nations of the world to abolish slavery.  Libertas means freedom.

The Dubrovnik Symphony orchestra began and the voices of more than 10,000 people in attendance began to sing the Hymn of Freedom.

Enjoy the video; the words need no translation…

6 thoughts on “Dubrovnik Summer Festival 2012

    • Yes, it is very moving especially when Freedom became a reality a short 20 years ago.

    • Just part of the 10,000 guests and residents waiting for the fireworks.

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