Being held hostage

When I post this blog you, my loyal subscribers, receive an email. The rest of the world may not know I exist. Friends have suggested I join Facebook to help share my experience living here and market my guide service. Therefore, I considered it.

Many people are now writing their own personal stories, adventures and other pithy observations in the world of blogging.   I read some that I admire enjoy and often have felt as though I have learned a new life lesson when finished reading a select few.   Eric Murtaugh, a freelance writer’s presents his observations on adventure, a well-written blog that often makes me reflect on my own writings.    You may want to take a bit of time and read about his adventures; I believe you will enjoy his insights.

Imagine my surprise when his post “The day I left Facebook”, arrived in my email – perfect timing.  Eric’s post and the many creative comments gave me the guts to do what I had done in the past, leave FB.

I had joined FB a few years ago, but had some concerns with their lack of privacy and resigned. Many of my friends encouraged me to rejoin to facilitate an increase of subscribers to this blog and enhance exposure to people who might want a personal guide to see what is special about Dubrovnik.

I ignored the little voice that kept repeating, you are going to regret this.  A few months ago, with much trepidation I rejoined, only to find that I still have issues with the lack of privacy.  Moreover, now I am not interested in many of the comments and a few are rather annoying.

My short time on FB did not garner any tourists/travelers who had the desire to experience the spirit of Dubrovnik, zip, zilch nothing.  I knew it was time to walk away.

Why does anyone join Facebook?   I have heard the statement it is a way to keep in touch with old friends and make new ones.  Hmm, do I really want to take the time from my life to keep up with 50+ friends?  No, I do not have the time or the inclination and I doubt that I have 50 old friends at this time in my life.  Skype is my personal preference to keep in touch with my friends and family. It is easy to use and less intrusive.

My computer was giving me some problems.  It was time to clean out history, which I did early one Sunday morning.  That task also cleared my cookies and I found I could no longer sign into FB.  During the initial sign up for FB I had given my cell number as a contact number.  No problem, that is until the move to Cavtat when I found no cell reception here due to the very large granite mountain located next to my new apartment. This problem has resulted in not being able to obtain the “secret” code number, which FB would forward as an SMS to my cell.   Moreover, with no reception, I am unable to insert the secret code and sign in.  After a week of no FB, I noticed I did not have any withdrawal symptoms and I certainly did not miss much of the chatter.  It is an omen!

Now it becomes interesting.  Seems that I need to change my password, but unable to sign in since I cannot receive the secret code.  No secret code, cannot sign in and this means that I cannot close my FB account either.  FB is holding me hostage, help…

Do not help! It is fine this way.  By the way, I am now investigating google +.

8 thoughts on “Being held hostage

  1. When I limited it to people who truly were my friends, it was fine. Now that I broadened my list in the interest of marketing, I see people who use it to sell things (instead of craigslist) and to espouse religious and political leanings ad nauseam. It does help me, however reach more people in this state to reach my blog about West Virginian farms; I don;t think they click on the link though to read the full blog and see all the photos, so the use is limited.

  2. Very interesting! I was advised to join FB, too, for all the same reasons, and I really didn’t want to either, for all the same reasons! But, I did not make a personal page, only a “BringingEuropeHome” page (as you have your “Essence of Dubrovnik” right here). I thought it would help with exposure for the blog, but I’m not seeing much change in numbers. That’s really a problem and a concern that you can’t close your account! So, in the meantime, I’ll go ahead and “like” you. 😉

    • Thanks Robin Jean Marie…I do believe someday i will find a way to remove my profile. In the meantime, it will just die a slow death.

  3. It is my intention to have only an Essence page on FB, but the rules state that one must have a personal page before a business page. I want to opt out of all of it, but seems I need to find a FB guru to help me to so.

  4. We are traveling from California to Croatia on May 27th…i am still finishing up the trip but would love a guide in Dubrovnik! you can reach me at I just discovered your blog yesterday…how timely! Teri from California

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