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There has been much written about the Mediterranean diet extolling the health and longevity of residents of the region.   I began to think about this as I began my trek down to the Gruz harbor green market for my weekly “u spenzu” (shopping).  Our fruits and vegetables are not much different to those in other countries; the main exception is our farmers do not use pesticides or additives.  Perhaps this is the reason the Mediterranean diet is so healthy.

Homemade olive oil with rosemary

Our choice of fruits and vegetables are seasonal and each week new arrivals pop up, with the strawberries the first to arrive last week – spring is finally here again.  During the month of March, wild asparagus was available and very different from what I used to find in California.  Much thinner in size, it had the taste of the woods and earth. Many locals prepare the cooked asparagus as a salad with vinegar and oil, but my personal preference is a wild asparagus omelet.  By the end of the month, the season was over and we will wait in anticipation for next year for this lovely delicacy.

Wild Asparagus

Our main green market is located at the Gruz harbor adjacent to the fish stalls.  I find it to be the best place for buying fruits, vegetables and of course very fresh fish.  I always arrive no later than 0730 to be able to select the freshest looking produce, prowling the smaller tables belonging to locally farms.  The larger stalls with a greater selection of fruits and vegetables are not necessarily local, arriving in Croatia by trucks from neighboring countries.  Prices are fair and reasonable but I prefer to support my neighbors from our Konavle farm area.  Local food is fresher and it is better to help the local economy!

Vegetable stall

The spring flowers are here in abundance and I so enjoy spending time gazing upon the buds and blooms. There are so many extraordinary flowers arrangements made by the loving hands of our creative locals that I always have difficulty choosing.  Something beautiful will soon be gracing my small terrace.

Fresh cut flowers

My two bags filled to the brim with fresh fish, several varieties of green vegetables and strawberries for shortcake.  Of course, it is now time for my obligatory coffee with friends, spending time discussing how to prepare shortcakes from scratch.  Time is 0855 and I casually stroll across the road to catch the #10 bus back to Cavtat with my bags of fresh and natural goodies.  I love living here!!

First of the season strawberries

8 thoughts on “Our green market

  1. This blog is incredible. So happy I found it!! I’m excited to show my daughter who is all about eating well and staying as green as possible. She will love the pics too.

    • Thank you, it is a labor of love for me to write about Dubrovnik.

  2. u spenzu sounds like “you spend” LOL Good word for shopping. Your market looks fantastic. We are trying to get a local foods market up and running in our town because the “farmers’ market” has stalls from out of state and far away….I want to support my local farmers also!

    • I do so enjoy spending my Friday mornings at the market, it is also a social experience with my coffee friends.

  3. I so LOVE eating fresh! Sadly- that is not an option here in the Central Valley of NorCal! Unless you travel a distance to seek out the few farmers markets! Otherwise the choice is tasteless, nutritionless garbage not worth eating! You are so lucky!

    • Fresh seafood is waiting for you, just make the jump across the Pacific.

  4. Tis really grand to see your comments and know your happy.
    Euclid is not the same, nor most cities here, but since you live in paradise I am happy for youl

    • Thank you Jacob, I can say with no hesitation that I do not miss much in the US these days. Life is good for me here, I have always known that it would be my home eventually.

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