Savor the Secrets of Dalmatia

Many claimed the internet killed off the average travel agency and perhaps it did.  However this was also the dawn of many innovative travel consultants who embraced the internet and became the best of the best as Destination Specialists.  Experienced and savvy, the Destination Specialist is a person who shares the inside scoop of the many hidden gems, whether they are hotels, restaurants or the perfect art gallery with clients.

Spring time in Dalmatia

Four years  have  passed since I moved to Dubrovnik and I had been spending time trolling on several travel forums by giving advice of what to see and do in the old town.  Croatia has been a destination for me since 1971 and has always been one of Europe’s best kept secrets. Only recently the world has begun to notice this spectacular country.  Some still believe this means it’s inexpensive, and for the backpacking and hostel group who live on pizza it can still be the case.

Sea kayaking to a hidden cove

One afternoon I received an email from another poster on Trip Advisor and we began to correspond about our travel experiences.  I was in Dubrovnik, he was in Zadar and we decided to meet in Split to discuss a mutual collaboration.  We both knew it was and still is our desire to make Croatia the extraordinary destination we know it to be.

A taste of the Dalmatian Coast

My many years of travel experience have taught me how to recognize an exceptional travel company or perhaps it’s just that gut feeling one has when meeting a genuine travel professional. This became crystal clear after spending a few hours with Alan Mandic of Secret Dalmatia.  After thoroughly reading his website  and I quickly perceived this was not just an ordinary company. I had found a travel professional  who believes and delivers the definitive Croatian experience!   It is not difficult to notice how much Alan loves his country and wants to share the natural beauty of the Dalmatian coast.  His blog  has become an epicurean delight as he introduces where to get a fantastic meal in restaurants most people miss.

One of the many special restaurants

Listen to Alan’s voice as he teases you: Visit the quaint small village which sits at the edge of the sapphire blue Adriatic.  Indulge in the fresh seafood, the best smoked prusut, homemade olive oil, and honey which taste of flowers from the honeybee.  Bask in the aroma of lavender grown on our island of Hvar. Swim in the crystal clear clean water of the Adriatic Sea.  Lounge on a park bench with a bottle of Dalmatian wine and watch the golden sunset created in our clear blue sky. Sail among the more than 1100 islands which capture the views from the water on one of our many small gullet ships.

Sailing along the Dalmatian coast

Croatia and most of all Dubrovnik captured my heart and soul many years ago.  There are so many exquisite and unique destinations here, allow us to give you the opportunity to savor the secrets of Dalmatia that many will never experience.

Alan far left at the Dalmatian Wine Expo


4 thoughts on “Savor the Secrets of Dalmatia

  1. Carol..this is wonderful..I know you got us to some special places but this post makes me want to come again!!! IN addition, I would like you to email me your photos so I can post THIS on MY blog….highlighting you as a guest writer and letting people know, once again, about the special service you can offer.

  2. YAY!!! More of this Carol! If people are going to insist on doing their “research” on the internet, instead of working with a Travel Professional. It’s time that there be more sites and blogs like yours, and the one you mention in this blog. There is truly so much garbage on the internet, people are getting burned every day! Hopefully this concept will grow soon!

  3. Carol, good to read your article as always. We love Alan’s blog too – a great continueing education on Croatian food and wine for me – if a little too much from a Northern perspective.. 🙂

    Hugs to the dog (and you of course).

    Take care,
    Chris and Joan
    Absolutely Dubrovnik

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