Fortress for many, holding place for a couple.

Fort Lovrijenac locks the ancient door with the antique key, forged from an old iron bar at 1900 daily during high season.  The ticket agent Ivo locks the entrance about 10 minutes prior and checks the 3 levels for any guests who might be lingering over the golden sunset views.

Ivo – Entrance to the fort

It’s time for the obligatory after work cold Ozjusko beer at a local pizza place just adjacent to the bus stop.  Sitting at his customary table affords a perfect view of the Fortress.  A quick glance up and he is astonished to see a set of hands waving frantically against the blue sky from the top-level.  He grabs the key and makes his way back up only to find a young couple in the most compromising position unable to disengage themselves.  Ivo works his way down to the WC and grabs one of the plastic trash bags and fills it with cold water and dumps the contents on this pair.

Apparently this couple had made plans to spend the evening up there and was expecting some friends to join them for a night of drinking and whatever.  They were totally oblivious to the fact the door would be locked for the night and didn’t seem to care either.  Ivo escorted them back down to the entrance where upon they found the other friends carrying several bottles of our local wine.

Needless to say Ivo had some choice words of wisdom for this group of dumb and dumber tourists, most of which I am unable to post.  He returns down to the pizza place and his very warm beer and can’t stop laughing and by the time he reaches home, he can barely relate the story through the gales of laughter.

By the way, I am very pleased to mention these guests were not Americans.

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  1. Great story Carol, and by the way, I’m very surprised they WERE NOT Americans!

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