Rainstorm in the old town

Here is just a small sample of how we spent Monday morning in Dubrovnik.  I am ever so grateful that our home is above the street level and we did not have any water damage.  It is now Wednesday morning and the rain continues to fall, however nothing like the storm earlier this week.  I do believe that my feet have become webbed just from walking to our small neighborhood store.

7 thoughts on “Rainstorm in the old town

  1. Sheesh, I am glad you are okay! You had a river in the town…hope is has stopped raining so much there! and that you don’t have webbed feet!. We have gotten our share of rain so far this year too, but nothing like that! May see some snow today as it is damn cold…about 23 deg last night and as I write this at nearly 7am it is a big 30….brrrrr.

    Think of you often…us

  2. Bad weather is a cakewalk compared to a flooded home. Very happy your new crib is above the fray. You deserve a special place to lay your busy head!

  3. Looks like us this past four days…I always check the weather in Dubrovnik just to see what it is like. I’m gearing up to go to “Goin Postal” on Friday to mail your small package. I will confirm with another email when it gets done and will get you caught up on “local” news from my home computor…abrazos Y bestitios, me lizzie

  4. OMG! It’s hard to believe a hill town could have that much accumulated water to cause that amount of flooding!

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